Aftercare for Survivors
OEW Hope House™

The OEW Hope House™ has been successfully caring for Victims of Sex Trafficking since 2009. Christian recording artist Natalie Grant provided an unsolicited major gift that enabled the launch of our first house in Asheville, North Carolina.  


We are NOT affiliated with any other Hope Houses. We have provided training and technical assistance to help other organizations begin residential programs.  However, we do not assume responsibility for any programs other than our own.


The OEW Hope House Program focuses on the following:



The residents of OEW Hope House™ attend mandatory weekly therapy sessions with a Masters-level licensed therapist specializing in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy. We have seen tremendous results with this model of therapy, which is an evidence-based model of therapy that works well with children who have experienced severe PTSD. The therapist also utilizes the following inventories with each resident (pre-and post-treatment) and scores are recorded to measure success: UCLA PTSD Index-RI; Depression Inventory; Trauma Symptom Checklist; and Strengths/Difficulties Questionnaire. The residents who need additional counseling are provided with an addiction counselor and/or EMDR therapy based on individual needs. We also partner with a local agency that provides intensive in-home services for residents who need this service. We offer art, pet, and equine therapy as an option, but they are not mandatory. 



Residents of OEW Hope House™ are provided a Private School education with a teacher that customizes their curriculum based upon their needs and assessment scores. Our onsite Private School offers both computer-based and textbook classes. Some residents may participate in GED classes at a local community college if she wants to earn her GED. She can also participate in dual enrollment at that community college to earn college credits. We also offer a variety of life skills and enrichment classes. 

Monthly career workshops are held to expose girls to careers in the technology, healthcare, judicial/legal, banking/finance, education, non-profit, media/communications, and other fields of interest to the girls.  Presenters provide group mentoring opportunities and equip girls to make wise choices to their future career paths.


Residents of OEW Hope House™ participate in a wide variety of social activities, such as group outings, concerts, educational field trips, overnight retreats, youth group events and more. We do our best to incorporate ‘normal’ activities into our program.



The residents of OEW Hope House™ frequently work out at the gym, which also offers personal trainers and a variety of classes. Some of our residents play sports in community leagues. We also provide a nutritionist to develop personalized healthy eating plans.


Empowerment/Job Skills/Income

Residents can apply for a paid, educational fellowship through our Fields of Hope program, in which they receive a monthly stipend for 10 hours per week. They make hand-made products and go through a 26 lesson job skills curriculum that lasts for 4 semesters (1 calendar year). Girls have the option to attend just one semester (12 weeks) or continue on for the additional semesters. Girls learn financial management, how to work with difficult people, resume building, interview skills, leadership, and much more.



Residents are provided pro-bono legal assistance. 



Our staff and volunteers share a common faith in Christianity. While we are a faith-based organization, we do not “force” our beliefs on any of the residents. We operate in a very accepting, loving, non-judgmental manner. The atmosphere of our house includes prayer, bible study, and Christian music. It is our hope that our residents will choose to participate, but we will not force them to - nor will they receive any judgment or reprimand if they choose not to. We have a non-discriminatory policy and we provide our services to clients in need regardless of their race and religion.



The OEW Hope House Seven Components of Care