Our Mission

On Eagles Wings (OEW) seeks to prevent girls from falling victim to sex trafficking, offer assistance to those still trapped, and restore those that have survived by offering hope, empowerment, and a brighter future. We focus on prevention, outreach, aftercare, and empowerment.


On Eagles Wings (OEW) was founded in 2007 and established as a nonprofit organization in March of 2008. OEW is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. The OEW Mission is to restore girls that have been sexually exploited through the commercial sex industry with emphasis on prevention, outreach, empowerment, and aftercare. OEW actively educates the public about domestic sex trafficking, and offers presentations and workshops to churches, community groups, youth groups and colleges. We have also helped educate the public through various radio, television, and print, including national recognition in Christianity Today magazine and a segment on CBN’s 700 Club.  Our founder was invited to speak before members of Congress in Washington D.C., at a caucus briefing on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. She has also been the recipient of several awards including the Good Samaritan Award by the Trafficking in America Task Force and the FBI’s Director Community Leadership Award. 

OEWM Truck Stop Outreach I-85 SC

OEW began as an outreach to women in the adult entertainment industry in 2007. They learned very early on that some of the women employed by the clubs were victims of sex trafficking and were not there by choice. They read a report in 2008 written by Shared Hope International about the commercial sexual exploitation of U.S. Children. This report documented evidence of child trafficking in the U.S. indicated that average entry age was 13 years old, and indicated 300,000 youth were either being trafficked or were at high risk. The report specified there was a severe lack of shelter for these children and many of them were being held in juvenile detention centers and treated as criminals. OEW felt compelled to respond to this need. In 2009, through partnerships with service providers, law enforcement, community members, and Shared Hope International; OEW launched the OEW Hope House™ a holistic, residential care program for domestic minor victims of sex trafficking. It was the first faith-based home in the U.S. for this population. Since then, the OEW team has established an effective network of programs under the OEW umbrella. In addition to the OEW Hope House™, OEW launched Youth4Abolition ™, SHINE, Fields of Hope, and an international arm.