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An important announcement from our Board Chair

Greetings Friends of On Eagles Wings, 


You are making a difference! Because of you, On Eagles Wings has steadily grown over the last decade in its ability to provide hope and healing to young girls rescued from sex trafficking.   


My name is Bruce Henning. Five months ago, I accepted the honor of becoming the new Board Chair for One Eagles Wings. I have spent significant time experiencing and exploring OEW’s mission and objectives. As part of the OEW Team, we have also been making some positive changes to position ourselves to become even more effective and efficient. Over the past several months, we have welcomed several new Board members and created an Advisory Board. They each bring their unique gifts and specialties and are working to shape a long-term strategy for the future. I look forward to introducing them to you soon. 


As the new Board Chair, my first correspondence to you comes with very mixed emotions.  

Lori Vaccaro, who has served as OEW Executive Director for the past eight years, has decided to leave On Eagles Wings and pursue new consulting opportunities and enjoy more time with her rapidly growing family of children and grandchildren. Her exceptional leadership has built OEW into a sustainable and growing organization providing prevention, awareness, and recovery for traumatized girls who are desperate for the love and healing hands that OEW so wonderfully offers. 


Here are some thoughts from Lori in her own words . . . 


“Serving as President for the past eight years has been an honor and a privilege. All our achievements and strong bottom-line results have been possible because of the tremendous teamwork, partnership and generosity of our volunteers, donors, staff and community partners. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the huge investments you have made in the lives of young survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking, and in preventing crimes together through Youth4Abolition®. I am excited about my new consulting and ministry roles, and especially grateful for the opportunity in this new season to spend additional time with my family. As we head into a new season for On Eagles Wings, I am grateful for your continued service and support. OEW is in great hands with Bruce and Ralph at the helm, leading our dedicated staff and volunteer teams. Until our paths cross again, God bless you!” 


As the Board has been working with Lori on her succession plan, we pinpointed the necessity for a strategic partnership to play a role in the transition early on. Fortunately, OEW has a vibrant strategic partnership with Five Stones Church, located in the Waxhaw, North Carolina area. OEW and Five Stones Church began discussions a few months ago about a potential transition, and with Lori’s announcement, both OEW and Five Stones have been working side by side to develop a year-long transition plan to continue to position OEW to focus on growth to make an even more significant impact in the anti-human trafficking arena. Pastor Ralph Owen, from Five Stones Church, has accepted the invitation as Interim Executive Director to help navigate this vital transition. Here are some insights from Pastor Ralph in his own words . . . 


“The opportunity to partner with On Eagles Wings as they step into this next chapter is such a privilege. We have been OEW's strategic partner for several years. To have a new role in the interim excites me as I have already seen the potential for accelerated influence and impact on awareness and survivor support. Having met and interacted with the new OEW Board, there is no doubt that God has been at work in preparation for this very season. This transition period is not about pausing, slowing things down or some sort of setback. I am confident that this is about the next steps towards building community relationships, national partnerships, and life-changing impact in the lives of survivors.” 


OEW has a great Board, an amazing staff, a focus on the future, and anticipation for what we have to offer to create awareness of trafficking and provide genuine hope and healing for survivors. There are some big things on the horizon. I look forward to keeping you updated as we make the transition and sharing great news about our near-term endeavors. 


We could only do what we do or have a vision for the future with the generosity of people like you. You are the backbone and fuel that makes the life impact on the frontlines of anti-human trafficking. We take being stewards of your resources very seriously and have positioned ourselves under the audit and accountability of others. 


If you have any questions or want to schedule a time to talk, I or a member of our team would be honored to respond. I look forward to sharing additional information with you soon. 


With a sense of awe, 


Bruce Henning 

OEW Board Chair 

On Eagles Wings (OEW) works to prevent children and youth from falling victim to sex trafficking, offer assistance to those still trapped, and restore survivors by offering hope, healing, and a brighter future.

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