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Youth4Abolition (Y4A) is a unique, award-winning human trafficking prevention and awareness program focusing on empowering our nation’s youth to protect themselves, educate their friends and advocate for those still trapped.  

OEW’s prevention program began in North Carolina, and is being offered from coast to coast and internationally. Y4A is aimed at preventing children, teens, and young adults from falling victim to sexual exploitation. Students go through a 7 lesson human trafficking educational curriculum. Each chapter creates an event to educate their peers and community on the issue. 

Learn more about Youth4Abolition℠ on the Y4A Website

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The OEW Hope House® has served more than 700 young survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking since 2009.

OEW Hope House® provides a holistic, trauma-informed model of care. Survivors receive long-term housing, 24-hour care, onsite private school, therapy, mentors, life skills, health care, recreation, and individualized treatment plans. Learn more below. 



Christian recording artist Natalie Grant provided an unsolicited major gift that enabled the launch of our first safe house in Asheville, North Carolina. In 2016, On Eagles Wings secured National CARF Accreditation and was the first house for minors in the USA to do so. 


OEW Hope House® offers three models of residential care for youth age 17-24, as well as intensive community based services for youth ages 6-24 through a team of dedicated social workers. 

We are NOT affiliated with any other Hope Houses. We have provided training and technical assistance to help other organizations begin residential programs. However, we do not assume responsibility for any programs other than our own.

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The OEW Hope House Program focuses on the following:


OEW Hope House™ is a trauma-informed level-3 residential treatment facility for young female survivors. OEW Hope House™ offers a broad menu of clinical and alternative therapies from which survivors can choose, including EMDR and/or TFCBT therapy, equine-assisted, art, music and horticulture therapies. 


Seeking safety is a primary goal of young survivors. So safety and security are the foundation upon which we build every element of our program. Offering up to 2 years of free housing and services from a highly trained, survivor-led, trauma-informed team gives young survivors the environment they need to heal and thrive.

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According to the Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 2021, “…a faith-based and spiritual approach helped interviewees feel grounded, calm, resilient, and present in difficult environments. Participants experienced a resolute identity, space for self-care, as well as access to community, belonging, and connection across national, faith, and spiritual boundaries."

Young survivors are able to explore their spiritual world in a loving and supportive environment at OEW Hope House™. 

Sunday School


Residents of OEW Hope House™ participate in a wide variety of social activities, such as group outings, community service projects, concerts, educational field trips, overnight retreats, youth group events and more.

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Residents of OEW Hope House™ take important next steps in their education with the support of a Master Teacher that customizes their curriculum based upon their needs and assessment scores.



OEW Hope House™ has an on-site nurse who provides individualized physical and mental health assessments and helps each girl plan steps for improving her overall health. From nutrition and fitness coaching, to recreational sports, each survivor is provided the tools to develop a healthy lifestyle.  



Young survivors often arrive with a variety of complex legal questions, concerns and issues that must be addressed. OEW Hope House helps survivors access free legal services through partner organizations and firms. 

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Residents can apply for a paid, educational fellowship through our Fields of Hope™ program, while participating in a valuable life skills curriculum. 

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Training & Technical Assistance


Created in 2014, Fields of Hope™ (FOH) is an entrepreneurship and empowerment program for girls and young women who have been rescued from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Survivors in the FOH program are provided paid, educational fellowships to participate in our year-long curriculum focused on professional development and leadership. The survivors and Fields of Hope™ support team make a variety of handmade products and sell them online and locally. FOH currently operates in Charlotte, NC with plans to expand nationally and internationally. Girls are encouraged to DREAM big, have FAITH, and BELIEVE in a future where they have the FREEDOM to achieve all of their goals.

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On Eagles Wings (OEW) works to prevent children and youth from falling victim to sex trafficking, offer assistance to those still trapped, and restore survivors by offering hope, healing, and a brighter future.

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